2016 tram incident statistics released

8 March 2017

City streets are full of people walking around with their eyes glued to their smartphones, and this is putting them in harm's way.

"Transport Safety Victoria is receiving an increasing number of reports about distracted pedestrians walking in front of - or into the side of - trams in Melbourne," said TSV Director of Rail Safety Jodie Talone.

TSV has released the figures for tram safety incidents in 2016, showing a rise in collisions with a person (44 compared to 36 in 2015).

In 2016, Pokemon Go took the world by storm - and the rise of smartphone zombies doesn't show any sign of slowing.

Distracted smartphone user 

"While there's a wide range of factors that can result in these types of incidents, we'd like to take this opportunity to remind people to stay alert around tram tracks, and hold on when you're on board," Talone said.

There were 61 serious injuries reported in 2016, up from 47 the previous year. TSV is working with KDR Victoria Pty Ltd trading as Yarra Trams (KDR) to investigate the increase, which appears to be primarily a result of slips, trips and falls for passengers both on trams and at the platform-tram interface.