Tram incident statistics 2018

3 July 2019


With a 4.3% increase in passenger journeys over five years, and growing congestion between trams and cars and other modes of transport across the network, Melbourne’s tram operator has been presented with persistent challenges and opportunities to ensure the safety of the public, passengers and their workforce.

While the number of incidents in some categories are showing signs of improvement, others continue to remain a focus of the regulator and tram operators to ensure improvements are realised.


There were two public fatalities in 2018, as a result of collisions with a tram.

As of the 2018 calendar year, the number of fatalities had seen a running average decrease over five years.

As expected by the Victorian community, the regulator and operator continue their focus on a target of zero fatalities.


The number of serious injuries to passengers and railway staff has declined over three years to 2018.

A large percentage of the incidents that result in serious injury to the public, involve collisions with cars, and so work continues to further segregate trams from cars.

Serious injury occurrences with on rolling stock slips, trips and falls have decreased since 2016.

The operator, tram builders, government bodies and the regulator continue to collaborate to address the need to further reduce serious injuries from slips, trips and falls on trams.

The operator also continues their work to upgrade trams interiors, improve passenger announcements and driver training, and target advertising for vulnerable people, to further reduce the potential of incidents to occur.

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