Data analysis

This page provides information about how to analyse the data you get from conducting a safety culture appraisal using OSCAT.

Using the data analysis spreadsheet

The data analysis spreadsheet assists with data entry and collation following the appraisal. The spreadsheet automatically calculates averages for each sub-element and a summary average for each element. It also displays the information in tables and charts for use in reports and presentations.

Alternative methods of data collation and analysis could be developed and used depending on your needs.

Download a copy of the data analysis spreadsheet:

Entering data 

Using the data analysis spreadsheet, enter the agreed scores for each scenario. You can enter up to 10 interviews for each scenario on the spreadsheet. If there is more than this number of entries, the spreadsheet will need to be adapted or an alternative method of data collation and analysis developed.

A completed data analysis spreadsheet is available to download here. The tables and graphs populated from the data in this example can be accessed on the labelled sheets.

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