Data collection interviews

This page provides a summary table of the recommended approach to data collection using the organisational safety culture appraisal tool (OSCAT).

Recommended approach to data collection 




A cross section of management and frontline staff at all levels should be sought.

A general guide would be to interview a selection of operational and safety managers, plus about 10% of the frontline staff. Where possible, the sample should contain both long term and new staff. Within these parameters, sampling should be as random as possible.


A particular timing schedule for using OSCAT is not needed. The use of the tool should be driven by the need to gather more in depth information following the discovery of cultural issues (for example, through accidents, a survey and so on) within an organisation.


One interviewer and one scribe should be present plus one interviewee.

The interviews should occur in a quiet room where the interviewee's responses will not be overheard by others.

Interview length

40 - 60 minutes


Prior to the interview, choose one or two scenarios from the set of five.


It is better to go for depth on a couple of scenarios than gather superficial information for all scenarios. It is important to ensure that the scenarios are varied across interviews so that all scenarios are covered during the appraisal.


The interviews should be introduced in a standard manner. Ensure the interviewee is made comfortable and feels safe to take part in the interview.

A sample introduction script is available.

Supporting materials

In addition to this guidance document, the following materials are provided for use of the tool and analysis of the data gathered:

  • Blank record of interviews
  • Sample record of interviews
  • Data analysis spreadsheet
  • Report template

Data collection sheets for scenarios 1 to 5:

More information

More information about data collection is also provided on the following pages: