Development and background of OSCAT

In recognition that safety culture is an important factor in the overall safety performance of an organisation, we designed OSCAT for safety improvement rather than as a compliance instrument.

The objectives for the development of the tool were to:

  • Assist transport organisations to gain some insight into their safety culture to promote continuous improvement.
  • Provide a structured and systematic tool to take an in-depth look at practical aspects of safety culture.

The tool was developed by Lloyd's Register Rail with support from specialists at the Independent Transport Safety Regulator (ITSR) and Transport Safety Victoria (TSV).

The main activities that have been undertaken in the development of the OSCAT included:

  • Identification and review of recent literature relating to best practice in safety culture / safety climate assessment. Review of the Special Commission of Inquiry reports for the Waterfall and Glenbrook Rail accidents.
  • Input from specialists in the areas of human factors, safety, risk and appraisal.
  • Pilot testing with rail organisations in NSW and Victoria.
  • Dissemination of the report and associated templates to assist rail operators to apply the tool.