Conducting an OSCAT interview

This page provides information about conducting the interview. It contains the following topics:

Instructions for interviewers

Provide a standard introduction describing the:

  • initiative
  • concept of scenario-based interviewing
  • agreed rules around confidentiality or anonymity.

 A sample introduction script is available here.

The interviewer should then:

  • confirm demographic information required on the scenario template
  • ask the interviewee the scenario questions
  • use the prompt questions to ensure that all sub-elements are properly addressed
  • tailor the prompt questions to the particular example that the interviewee has selected
  • thank the interviewee for their time.

Once the interviewee has left the room, the interviewer should confer with the scribe to agree ratings for each sub-element.

Instructions for scribes

The scribe is responsible for the following tasks:

  • documenting demographic information on the scenario template
  • documenting responses/evidence provided by the interviewee that relate to the performance indicators
  • circling positive or negative indicators as appropriate
  • bringing the interviewer's attention to any areas not fully canvassed or where clarification is needed.

Rating the interview

Use the rating scale in the table to rate each sub-element.

The interviewer and scribe may choose to use half marks where appropriate. The rating must be based on evidence of behaviour during the scenario described.

Rating scale





Very poor

Extensive negative evidence, no positive evidence



Considerable negative evidence, little positive evidence



Some positive evidence, some negative evidence



Considerable positive evidence, little negative evidence



Extensive positive evidence, no negative evidence


Not applicable

Not applicable, unable to demonstrate in this scenario

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