Sample OSCAT interview

This page provides a sample of what information that should be conveyed in the introduction to a safety culture appraisal using the Organisational Safety Culture Appraisal Tool (OSCAT).

Topic Sample information


Introduce yourself and the team. 


I'm just going to begin with some background about what you can expect in this interview. 

About the interview

We are conducting interviews about safety culture. Safety culture can generally be described as "the way things are done around here, with respect to safety". It involves collecting information from individuals about what happens within the organisation from their perspective and then piecing this together to form a general picture. Safety culture is an important indicator of the "safety health" of an organisation.

Not a compliance activity

The interview is not part of a compliance activity; it is a safety initiative being conducted to identify areas that need attention to improve the safety culture of our organisation. 

Anonymity You will remain anonymous – information will be fed back to management, but individuals will not be identified. Instead, information will be described in general terms, for example, the "maintenance staff…" or "management…".

Describe your experiences

We will be asking you to describe a range of recent experiences. We will give you time to think about specific examples of events that have occurred. We would like the event that you chose to be something that you have experienced yourself and that you were involved in to the extent to which you can give us a rich picture from your perspective. It is OK that others might have different experiences of the same event from their perspective. We want your honest views and recollections. While we might get down to details in the interview, remember that it is only broad and general themes that we will report on. Feel free and open to say what is on your mind.

Questioning method

We have a pro-forma set of questions, but we will be flexible with the use of this and prefer a less formal interview style. Therefore, we might appear to jump around a little bit and also we might appear to ask repetitive questions. This may feel frustrating for you, but it's our way of making sure that we understand the information you are providing to us. Some of the questions that we ask won't necessarily be directly about safety, but might be related to factors that can contribute to safety.


Do you have any questions?