Rail safety duties

Rail safety is a shared responsibility and managing risks is the responsibility of the person best able to control that risk.

Why have safety duties?

There are two main reasons for having safety duties. First, it makes it clear where responsibility for managing risks to safety lies. Second, it clarifies the outcome that is being sought.

Identifying persons in the chain of responsibility

While rail safety is a shared responsibility, the level and nature of a person's responsibility is dependent on:

  1. The nature of the risk to rail safety the person creates from carrying out the activity
  2. Their capacity to control, eliminate or mitigate that risk.

Outlining the performance or standard expected

Safety duties outline the performance or standard expected of each person who has a safety duty, which is to ensure safety so far as is reasonably practicable (SFAIRP). This means that everyone should understand their role and what is expected. Learn more about your safety duties below.