Rail safety worker safety duties

Rail safety workers must comply with their safety duties imposed under the Rail Safety (Local Operations) Act 2006.

Definition of a rail safety worker

A rail safety worker is anyone who has, is, or is about to carry out the following activities:

  • Driving or dispatching rolling stock
  • Signalling and signalling operations
  • Coupling and uncoupling rolling stock
  • Maintaining, repairing modifying, monitoring, testing, checking inspecting rolling stock
  • Installation of components on rolling stock
  • Work on or about rail infrastructure relating to the design construction, repair modification maintenance monitoring upgrading inspection or testing of the rail infrastructure
  • Certification of the rolling stock, railway infrastructure and its components
  • Working involving decommissioning of rolling stock or rail infrastructure
  • Work involving the development, management or monitoring of safety working systems for railways
  • Work involving the management or monitoring of passenger safety
  • Any work in relation to ensuring the safety of rail safety workers or persons working near a railway or railway track
  • Any other work prescribed by the national regulations.

Specific safety duties of a rail safety worker

When carrying out rail safety work, the specific duties of a rail safety worker include:

  • Taking reasonable care for the worker's own safety
  • Taking reasonable care for the safety of persons who may be affected by the actions of the Rail Safety Worker
  • Cooperating with rail transport operators or rail contractors who employ or engage rail safety workers to comply with the requirements of the Rail Safety (Local Operations) Act 2006 or regulations
  • Not intentionally or recklessly interfering with or misusing anything when carrying out rail safety work provided to them by the rail transport operator or rail contractor in the interests of safety
  • Not wilfully or recklessly placing the safety of another person on or in the immediate vicinity of rail infrastructure at risk.