Transport safety officers

Compliance and enforcement activities are undertaken by maritime and bus transport safety officers (TSOs).

TSOs are trained to monitor compliance and, if necessary, take enforcement action where breaches of relevant laws are observed.

We do not impose specific targets or quotas on TSO compliance and enforcement activities. Remedial action is only undertaken when deemed necessary.

TSO powers are allowed for in the Transport (Safety Schemes Compliance and Enforcement) Act 2014 (Vic).

Compliance activities

We conduct a range of audits to ensure that duty holders are complying with their obligations under transport safety legislation.

We may conduct audits either on a random basis or as part of a risk-based compliance program. We also use audits to gather intelligence on safety awareness and culture within Victoria's bus industry and recreational boating community.

We undertake compliance activities in situations where a particular safety problem will be best treated by exercising enforcement powers. This doesn't mean that we will only use enforcement tools to treat a problem; it is normal practice for these tools to be used in conjunction with providing advice and guidance. Read more about our regulatory tools.

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