Our plan

As an independent regulator, TSV provides assurance that safety risks are being managed effectively, helping maintain public confidence in the transport system.

Our vision

Safe passenger transport and boating for all Victorians.

Our role

  • Promoting awareness of and informing and educating on transport and maritime safety issues.
  • Licensing, registering and accrediting operators and other industry participants.
  • Monitoring operators' systems for managing safety risks.
  • Enforcing and ensuring compliance with transport safety legislation.
  • Providing advice and recommendations to government on transport safety legislation.

TSV Strategic Plan 2016 – 2019

The full strategic plan is available to download as a pdf or accessible Word document.

Our values


Provide frank, impartial and timely advice to the government

Provide high quality services to the Victorian community

Identify and promote best practice


Being honest, open and transparent in my dealings

Use powers responsibly

Report improper conduct

Avoid any real or apparent conflicts of interest

Strive to earn and sustain public trust of a high level 


Make decisions and provide advice on merit and without bias, favouritism or self-interest

Act fairly by objectively considering all relevant facts and fair criteria

Implement government policies and programs equitably 


Work to clear objectives in a transparent manner

Accept responsibility for my decisions and actions

Seek to achieve best use of resources

Submit to appropriate scrutiny 


Treat colleagues, other public officials, Victorian community members fairly and objectively

Ensure freedom from discrimination, harassment and bullying

Use the views of colleagues, other public officials, Victorian community members to improve outcomes on an ongoing basis 


Demonstrate leadership by actively implementing, promoting and supporting the agreed values and supporting behaviours

Human rights

Make decisions and provide advice consistent with human rights

Actively implement, promote and support human rights

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